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Mai 3, 2022

Why should the budget take the fun out of money?

Luther Gulick explained it well (*): there are seven functions in management and the last but not least is the budget. Management is responsible for budgeting. […]
März 12, 2022

HR controlling as a cornerstone of a risk management strategy?

The question of the added value of HR for the company’s strategy requires a transformation of the long statistical graveyard of HR reports into a clear […]
Februar 17, 2022

There are no bad hires, only bad onboarding

By spending more time and money to ensure the best possible recruitment, HR and managers are focused on providing the best possible candidate experience for applicants. […]
Januar 24, 2022

Compensation: the cornerstone of a talent retention strategy

After many months of COVID, a challenging economic context has set in: inflation has returned, energy prices have risen, supply problems and even shortages. At the […]
Dezember 2, 2021

Will the rebels be the winners of the New Work?

In this period of uncertainty punctuated by restrictions and confinements due to COVID-19 in all its forms, you are being told about well-being at work. The […]
September 18, 2021

What corporate management can learn from the turmoil in Afghanistan

The humanitarian and social crisis caused by the withdrawal of Western forces from Afghanistan and the almost instantaneous surrender of the Afghan army made headlines in […]
Juli 18, 2021

Good managers enjoy vacations while bad managers keep staying online

You all know such managers! They gave us a speech last week about how they had organised their family holiday around a few video conferences, email […]
Juli 1, 2021

New Book: Glossary for occasionally snarky managers

The right word differentiates the amateur from the professional. While a glossary is just a catalogue of words, the one you are holding in your hands is filled […]