Fast Solution Incubator

Eliminate the gap between aims and achievements


Working with Department / Country Heads can become a challenge when you face a multicultural audience. Copper Oak offers an opportunity to work with all your stakeholders in “closed-doors” session over two days in order to shortcut the acceptance process and the change management curve:

  • 2 days in a dedicated environment
  • All stakeholders with targets
  • 1 coordination team
  • A solution developed and accepted by all participants


In our Fast Solution Incubator, we help you create solutions that increase profitability and maximise capacity, solving your identified problem in:

  • Accelerating the value creation of collaborative work and delivering what would otherwise take many months using traditional methods of communication and project planning.
  • Obtaining the buy-in of participants around a commonly created solution, making them actor and owner of the project.
  • Keeping the points of view of customers or suppliers in focus of the project.
  • Successfully managing complex integration issues.