Post-merger integration


  • One of the most common mistakes of post-merger integration is that its management and implementation is added to the daily tasks of the organisation;
  • Very often, mergers and acquisitions destroy value or do not bring the expected success;
  • The challenge of PMI is that it is profoundly complex because it merges processes, structures, managements and cultures of two or more organisations.
  • Our approach is based on inclusion of the teams in an accelerated PMI process.


Inclusion & Acceleration

  • During the Fast Solution Incubator, the organization will target the goals of the integration and;
  • The share of work will be included in the daily tasks and not added to them, maximising and accelerating synergies and value creation;
  • 100-day-plan for management with communication plan for keeping high motivation and change spirit throughout the organisation;
  • The change made and the acceleration of the integration are clearly supervised by our teams, aligning processes and cultures to drive the new company forward